Questions about swiss air start-up

When used correctly, the swiss air protects against 500 times the permitted limit value of particles and aerosols released at the workplace. Your employer, your safety officer, your occupational safety specialist or SUVA can answer any questions you may have.

The swiss air can also be operated in combination with other personal protective equipment (PPE), such as a welding or grinding helmet and hearing protection. However, care must be taken that the respective protective function is not influenced by other PPE.

The swiss air must not be covered by a jacket or another piece of clothing, as otherwise an undisturbed air supply is not guaranteed. Therefore, always wear the swiss air above your clothing.

A protection cover is available as an accessory for use in the rain. This gives the swiss air IP54 protection and makes it suitable for use in the rain.

The swiss air blower respiratory protection system is supplied with all the necessary components and can be used as such.

However, replacement pre-filters and replacement particle filters are regularly required. We recommend ordering these in addition.

Check the tension of the neck strap and the correct position of the mask according to the instruction manual. Depending on the shape of the face and nose, the detachable parts of the nose foam should be removed. You will find details on this in the operating instructions.