optrel supports the following projects and organizations

Social commitment and the development of the youth, especially in the welding industry, is very important to us. We are proud to announce that we have supported the following projects and organizations.

WTD Woman 2022

3 Days Event for Women Only: Motorcycle Courses, Airplanes, Mechanics, Talk shows, Activities and Test Rides.

At optrel we believe that the role of women is fundamental in the welding sector and we are pround to give them more visibility, which is why we love to participate in events such as WTD Woman.
From optrel we provided helmets for the event so that the women who received the training were protected at all times.

Welding Championship 2021

Welding Championship held in France for 3 days with more than 2000 participants.

To make it a fair and equitable competition, optrel provided the participants with panoramaxx CLT model equipped with the latest Crystal Lens technology and the high level of protection for welders with the TH3 certified e3000X engine.

The event demonstrated the high level of knowledge of the welders and the lack of appreciation of the profession.


WMBootCamp 2021

3 Days Event for Women Only: Motorcycle Courses, Airplanes, Mechanics, Talk shows, Activities and Test Rides.

Woman Motor Bootcamp focuses on safety and learning new disciplines to women while having fun.

All courses are held with certified instructors and professional schools.

The WMBootcamp 2021 took place at Montagnana (Italy) this year. It was the perfect opportunity for women motivated to learn things that they couldn’t since now. The perfect opportunity for women to learn during a weekend disciplines they have always wanted to learn, but never found the right moment, to do so.

Optrel participated by sponsoring the event, so that the participating women could learn wire and TIG welding. A great opportunity to promote our outstanding welding equipment in a safe environment.

Further information on the Website of Woman Motor Bootcamp. 

Young welders

Lieke Bakker from Netherlands

"With welding I can make something really nice" - Meet young Lieke, who at only 11 years old has clear ideas. Her father, Adriaan Bakker, contacted the optrel team to see if we could help her to be safe while welding, as so far she had a large piece of equipment for her age.

We were happy to help this young girl with a passion for welding, so together with the Dutch company Vlamboog, we provided her with a welder's cap, clothes and gloves in a special size, so that she would feel comfortable while working.

The optrel team loves to meet people like young Lieke. And it is a pleasure to work to help her get the right equipment to make her day-to-day welding work easier. 

2018 Arc Cup International Welding Competition

The 2018 Arc Cup International Welding Competition took place in Beijing this year.

In the four welding disciplines gas, manual arc, metal active gas and tungsten inert gas, 67 welders from 20 countries participated in the Arc Cup with their supervisors. Both individual and team performance were evaluated. In addition, there was the "finish product welding" competition, in which a welder had to produce a component using all processes.

Swiss Youth


Equipped with an optrel shirt, team Germany reached the fantastic 2nd place. Congratulations!

For several years, we have been a proud sponsor of Team Germany and help to contribute securing the welder's future. 

Further information on the new generation of German welders can be found on the Website of the DVS.

Swiss Youth


Furthermore, the SVS team Switzerland was of course also equipped with the corresponding T-shirt. Proudly presented by optrel!

More information is available on the Website ot the SVS.

SkillSonics AG

Schweizer Know-how im Ausland

Optrel has taken part in the sponsorship of the American Welding Society Welding competition which has served as a great opportunity to promote welding in a competitive setting. The competition, spans two days at FabTech and encourages welders to put their skills to the test against other competitors from across the country.

Optrel has also donated to the AWS student scholarship foundation to help fund student’s further education in trade schools, community colleges, and four year universities. The AWS scholarships promotes welding education and encourages individuals to aspire and fulfill their goals.



Formula Student Electric Team of University Duisburg-Essen

Race after race, the E-Team Duisburg Essen E.V. fights for best times, as well as off the track.
In order to ensure the necessary efficiency in the workshop, the mechanics of the E-Team were equipped with new welding helmets from optrel in 2018.



District Administration Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Berlin

Jugendamt/JAZ Jugendausbildungszentrum

Since 2016, welding with optrel helmets has been carried out at the youth training centre of the Steglitz-Zehlendorf district office in Berlin.

It is important to us to give young people the opportunity to develop themselves continuously and to improve their skills on a daily basis.