The optrel group at a glance

In 1986 we were a pioneer in the field of automatically darkening welding helmets. Today we are a leading global supplier of face and head protection products, breathing protection solutions and active sunglasses.

Every year we deliver well over one hundred thousand occupational safety products. And we are not a mass producer. Almost every product is unique. Tailored to the needs of the customer.

We are still shaped by the special culture of a family business. Strong values and sustainable action make us a reliable partner. The continuous pursuit of perfection and the combination of the latest technologies and materials with the most modern production processes are reflected in every optrel product and guarantee our customers, in addition to the highest level of safety, incomparable wearing comfort and a unique design.

In everything we do, our customers and us are united by a common goal. We want to sustainably improve their processes.

The start-up from back then has long since become a global player. The optrel group includes highly specialized companies such as optrel tec ag, in which the entire product development process is bundled. Our sales and logistics network spans the entire globe and is ensured by our sales companies optrel ag, optrel inc. and optrel sports ag. Wherever our customers are, we are close to them.

Our Approach


Optrel is focused on people’s needs. Our company is completely focused on fulfilling each of our clients’ needs and requests. Besides serving our clients and working to satisfy all expectations, we continuously progress and innovate from our customers’ valued feedback.


It is our mission to improve existing products and continue to innovate our processes and produces with the latest technologies.


Our dynamic associates have a vital role in actively influencing our agile development processes and support building a strong team-culture. Thanks to our open and honest information policy, specific education and the leading with target agreement optrel creates an environment which allows our associates to work independently and act autonomously.


Optrel knows, strong partners make us even stronger!

We appreciate our long-lasting relationships and highly value the continuance of our strong partnerships. While constantly improving our technology standards, we rely on sustainable and forceful alliances. We complement our program with smart products from experienced partners.

optrel equals Quality

Our ‘Swiss-made’ stamp symbolizes the long- standing tradition of the successes Swiss companies have exhibited by working in tandem with their clients and partners. “Made in Switzerland” is more than just a slogan.

Optrel constantly strives to excel in the global, competitive world market, offers the best quality and operates at the highest level. Optrel is made in Switzerland and is proud to offer an unparalleled service to all of our partners and customers around the world.

ISO-certified quality and environmental management at optrel

Quality and environmental management at optrel is certified in accordance with ISO standards 9001 and 14001. The ISO certifications spur us on to constantly improve our processes in order to generate the greatest possible benefits for our customers. We also work in accordance with ISO 45001 in occupational health and safety.

Quality management certified in accordance with ISO 9001
Quality management in accordance with ISO 9001 is one of the most trusted indications of quality worldwide. It establishes clear business processes and produces reliable performance for lasting success. Business plans, implementation, monitoring and possibilities for improvement are recorded in the certification.

Environmental management certified in accordance with ISO 14001
Nowadays, credible environmental protection is an integral part of any corporate culture geared towards lasting success. Environmental management certification in accordance with ISO 14001 is proof of a company's commitment to improving its environmental performance.

Occupational health and safety management in accordance with ISO 45001
The implementation of ISO 45001 reduces the risk of accidents at work and work-related illnesses. Management ensures that all legal requirements relating to occupational health and safety are met.


Quality certificate ISO 9001/1401 (PDF)