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new. efficient. optimal.


A classic with newest ADF technology.

The optrel p550 is one of the best-selling welding helmets from optrel. With its new ADF technology it now gets even better.


True Color View

The specially developed UV/IR filter allows a realistic perception of colors, at long last bringing color into the world of the welder.



New Energy Concept

With its radically more energy efficient electronic system including a „Super-Sleep-Mode“ the neo p550 stays ready to use for approximately 3,000 hours without changing batteries.

The welder‘s normal world:
environment in green shades with low contrast levels.


Color spectrum of a standard ADF:

The optrel revolution:
finally experience true color view during the whole welding process.


Color spectrum of the optrel neo p550 with true color view:

neo p550 black

new. efficient. optimal.

The optrel neo p550 combines the advantages of the proven p550 helmet shell with the newest ADF technology from optrel. Experience true color vision in a mid-price helmet. With a new efficient energy concept that keeps it action-ready for 3,000 hours. And a reaction time of only 0.1 ms after striking a welding arc. Perfect protection and comfort for your eyes!

Shade Level

<p>Bei ausgewählten expert-Produkten werden speziell beschichtete Filter eingesetzt, die eine bessere Sicht auf das Schweissobjekt ermöglichen. Die Farberkennung durch diese Art Filter wurde so optimiert, dass die Farben der Umgebung fast farbecht wahrgenommen werden können. Somit kann der Schweisser auch ohne Probleme rote LEDs der Schweissmaschine ablesen, ohne den Helm anzuheben was die Effizienz im Schweissprozess und die Sicherheit weiter fördert.</p>

True Color View

New Energy Concept

Delay Function


Patented Excenter

Fields of Application

  • Elektrode Welding (Stick Welding, SMAW)
  • GMAW High melting rate process
  • Flux Cored Wire Welding
  • TIG Welding (GTAW)
  • Plasma Arc Welding
  • Micro Plasma Arc Welding
  • Plasma Cutting


neo p550 black
neo p550 schwarz mit universal Industriehelm Adapter
neo p550 green
Ready to weld package neo p550 black + swiss air respiratory protection system complete with control panel, incl. comfort half mask: consisting of half mask and hose system incl. head and neck strap, blower unit, shoulder harness, charger, storage bag
Article Nr.DescriptionUnitsImage
5003.290optrel IsoFit® headgear (black, black knobs) - maximum ergonomics with exchangeable padding, suitable for all panoramaxx Series, sphere Series, liteflip Series and Y Series helmets
5003.291optrel IsoFit® headgear (black, green knobs) - maximum ergonomics with exchangeable padding, suitable for all panoramaxx Series, sphere Series, liteflip Series and Y Series helmets1
5003.292optrel IsoFit® headgear (black, grey knobs) - maximum ergonomics with exchangeable padding, suitable for all panoramaxx Series, sphere Series, liteflip Series and Y Series helmets1
5004.290optrel IsoFit® headgear replacement Tricot pad for optrel IsoFit® headgear (5pc, each consisting of 4 parts)5
5002.900parking buddy for weldcap and optrel welding helmets1  
8000.100Helmet backpack - black/green1
5000.250Front cover lens p500 (The original is packaged and protected with a green protective foil)5
5000.001Clear inside cover lens, e684/e680, e670/e650/vegaview/p550 & p5305
5004.020comfort band for headband2
5001.650Helmet shell neo p550 black1
5001.660Helmet shell - black green, p5501
5012.700Replacement cartridge p5501
5003.250Comfort head band panoramaxx - black , panoramaxx1
5002.049Quarter turn bolt for headband2
5000.862Potentiometer knob OSC & p55010
5000.013Inside cover lens dark green, +2.0, sphere-eerie, y-serie, liteflip, OSE5
5000.050Magnifying lens 1.00, e684/e680, e670/e650/vegaview/p550 & p5301
5000.051Magnifying lens 1.50, e684/e680, e670/e650/vegaview/p550 & p5301
5000.052Magnifying lens 2.00, e684/e680, e670/e650/vegaview/p550 & p5301
5000.053Magnifying lens 2.50, e684/e680, e670/e650/vegaview/p550 & p5301
5011.180Hard hat adapter1
4028.015Chest protection leather1
4028.016Head & neck protection leather1
5002.840bumpcap black to attach to the optrel headband1
5003.530Headgear halo to clip on, suitable for all optrel headbands.1
5011.130Hard hat - black1
5011.131Hard hat - white1
5011.132Hard hat - red1
5011.133Hard hat - orange1
5011.134Hard hat - yellow1
5000.175Inner protective lens, colourfast, +1.0 (set of 5) - fits sphere series, Y series, liteflip, OSE5

Technical Data

Shade levels
inactive: Shade level 4
active: Shade level 9-13
Power supply
Solar cells, 2 pcs batteries 3V exchangeable (CR2032)
Operating time batteries
Approx. 3,000 hours (operating)
3 sensors
Continuously adjustable, new with “Super High” sensitivity
Switching time
light to dark: 0.100 ms at room temperature, 0.100 ms at 55°C
dark to light: 0.05 s - 1.0 s
Classification EN379
Optical class: 1
Scattered light: 1
Homogeneity: 1
Angular dependence: 2
Field of view
50 x 100 mm
90 x 110 x 9.5 mm
Shape stability
Welding mask: up to 220°C / 428°F
Front cover lens: up to 137°C / 266°F
Eye protection
Ultraviolet / Infrared Protection: maximum protection at any shade level
Operating temperature
-10°C to + 70°C / 14°F to 158°F
Storage temperature
-20°C to + 70°C / -4°F to 176°F
495 g / 17.4 oz
Scope of delivery
Welding helmet, instruction manual, batteries
from date of purchase: 2 years for manufacturing and material defects (battery excluded)

Further information

For further information pls refer to your optrel partner next to you or to our customer service.