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pure air

Hard work never felt so easy.

helix quattro – the slide-up welding helmet is now also available as a fresh air version: helix pure air quattro

helix quattro fits perfectly with optrel's helmet-independent fresh air system swiss air. But that's not all. Because now you can also weld, cut or grind with the helix pure air quattro as a fresh air helmet in combination with the ATEX-certified e3000X PAPR system.

Clean and fresh air is channelled directly into the helmet, where it circulates around your head, protecting you perfectly and keeping you pleasantly cool at the same time. This makes helix pure air the first helmet of its kind in the helix family.

An ATEX-certified PAPR system such as the e3000X provides you with clean and fresh air and protects you from the harsh reality of smoke, aerosols, dust and even harmful gases. And all this in combination with the usual advantages of helix: Lightweight, easy to adjust and perfectly balanced – thanks to the innovative slide-up technology.

No matter whether with swiss air or e3000X:

Make your work easier now!

Panorama-XXL-field of view

A six times larger field of view*.
Everything in view. Best views.


Industry standard
optrel helix field of view

The patented nose cutout brings the glare shield closer to your eyes. The result: a much larger field of vision and a clear separation between the mouth and eye area, which also prevents tarnishing of the protective lens.

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* Compared to a 100 x 50 mm standard-ADF.


Always the right shading level.
Fully automatic. Stepless. Safe.

A light sensor permanently measures the intensity of the welding arc and continuously regulates the glare protection over the entire shading level range.

Uninterrupted work at any welding light intensity. 

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For even more comfort when working with optrel helix


Fade-out when switching off the protection level after welding. Wellness for your eyes for fatigue-free work.


Isofit® Headgear

The headgear with numerous adjustment functions. For your personal best wearing comfort.



Intelligent control with five sensors protects you perfectly - even in the most difficult lighting conditions.


Can now also be combined with the e3000X PAPR from optrel


  • Integrated particle filter of the highest class (TH3)
  • Reliable protection against smoke, aerosols and dust

More about e3000x PAPR system

helix pure air quattro

Hard work never felt so easy.

The helix pure air quattro is designed for extreme performance. With a shading level range of 4 to 14 and the optically highest classification according to EN379 of 1/1/1/1, it is the ideal protection for heavy and most difficult welding tasks even in extreme forced positions or viewing angles. The fresh air version is equipped with a PAPR adapter for the optrel blower respiratory protection system e3000X and thus meets the highest requirements for air filtration and respiratory protection during welding.

    Twilight Function

    Sensitivity Adjustment

    <p>Bei ausgewählten expert-Produkten werden speziell beschichtete Filter eingesetzt, die eine bessere Sicht auf das Schweissobjekt ermöglichen. Die Farberkennung durch diese Art Filter wurde so optimiert, dass die Farben der Umgebung fast farbecht wahrgenommen werden können. Somit kann der Schweisser auch ohne Probleme rote LEDs der Schweissmaschine ablesen, ohne den Helm anzuheben was die Effizienz im Schweissprozess und die Sicherheit weiter fördert.</p>

    True Color View

    Warranty Extension
    2+1 Years

    New Energy Concept

    Delay Function

    Overhead Welding

    Fields of Application

    • Elektrode Welding (Stick Welding, SMAW)
    • MIG/MAG (GMAW)
    • GMAW High melting rate process
    • Flux Cored Wire Welding
    • TIG Welding (GTAW)
    • Plasma Arc Welding
    • Plasma Cutting
    • Gas Welding
    • Grind Mode


    helix pure air quattro - PAPR Slide Up welding/grinding helmet (e3000/X) with industrial safety helmet black
    helix pure air quattro black - PAPR Slide Up welding/grinding helmet (e3000/X) without industrial safety helmet
    Ready to weld package helix pure air quattro - PAPR Slide Up welding/grinding helmet with industrial safety helmet black and e3000X (ATEX)
    Ready to weld package helix pure air quattro - PAPR Slide Up welding/grinding helmet without industrial safety helmet and e3000X (ATEX)
    Article Nr.DescriptionUnitsImage
    5000.580External cover plate, suitable for HELIX series (set of 5)5
    5000.010Inside cover lens, suitable for panoramaxx Series (set of 5)5
    5000.173Inside cover lens true color, +1.0 shade level, suitable for panoramaxx Series (set of 5)5
    5002.250Spark protection grid, for HELIX industrial safety helmet2
    5003.520Cover for Micro USB connection2
    5003.560Slide Up handle suitable for HELIX1
    5003.600Nose guard pad2
    5011.400Industrial safety helmet suitable for HELIX series - black1
    5011.401Industrial safety helmet suitable for HELIX series - white1
    5003.293optrel IsoFit® headgear (black, black buttons) - maximum ergonomics with exchangeable pad inserts, fits to HELIX series1
    5004.290optrel IsoFit® headgear replacement Tricot pad for optrel IsoFit® headgear (5pc, each consisting of 4 parts)5
    5010.001Micro USB charger cable1
    5000.150Magnifying lens +1.00 - panoramaxx1
    5000.151Magnifying lens +1.50 - panoramaxx1
    5000.152Magnifying lens +2.00 - panoramaxx1
    5000.153Magnifying lens +2.50 - panoramaxx1
    4028.015Chest protection leather1
    4028.016Head & neck protection leather1
    4028.029Leather chest protector long - black: fits all HELIX Series, panoramaxx Series, sphere Series, liteflip Series and Y Series helmets1
    8000.100Helmet backpack - black/green1
    5004.295Forehead welding band long for IsoFit® helix with industrial safety helmet (set of 2)
    4160.600Face seal for PAPR welding helmet (e3000/X), for helix series without industrial safety helmet1
    4160.621Face seal for PAPR welding helmet black (e3000/X), for helix series with industrial safety helmet1

    Technical Data

    Shade levels
    ShadeTronic inactive: shade level 3,0/4,0*
    active, manual: shade levels 8-13/9-14*
    ShadeTronic 4<13M/5-14M* with individual calibration option ± 2.
    Energy supply
    solar cells, Li polymer battery pack, chargeable via Micro-USB
    Battery life range
    300 to 500 charging cycles
    Five sensors
    continuously, new with “Super High” sensitivity
    Switching time
    light to dark:
    0,090 ms at 23°C
    0,070 ms at 55°C
    dark to light:
    0,1 s to 2,0 s (with FadeTronic)
    Field of vision
    2.3 to 6.3 times bigger than a 100 x 50 mm standard ADF
    Classification EN379
    Shape stability
    Mask: up to 220 °C
    Front cover lens: up to 137 °C
    Eye protection
    UV/IR protection: maximum protection at all shade levels
    Operating temperature
    -10°C to + 55°C / 14°F to 131°F
    Storage temperature
    -20°C to + 70°C / -4°F to 158°F
    Weight without industrial safety helmet
    830 g
    Weight with industrial safety helmet
    1160 g
    CE, UKCA, ANSI Z87.1, EAC, AS/NZS, EN 166,
    compliant with CSA Z94.3
    Compliant with pr ISO 16321 standard „WIG+“ („low amp Tig“)
    Scope of delivery
    Welding helmet, optrel IsoFit® headgear, manual, bag, Micro USB cable, front cover lens, warranty card
    from date of purchase: 2 years for manufacturing and material defects, 6 months for battery
    Warranty extension
    1 year additional (battery excluded) for online product registration within the first 6 months (from date of purchase) on
    * Shading level extension when using "Inner protective pane colorfast +1.0" - Article 5000.173

    Further information

    For further information pls refer to your optrel partner next to you or to our customer service.