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weldcap bump RCB 3/9-12 black

weldcap bump

Welding never was so comfortable.

Comfortable Welding Cap

Shade Level range 9 to 12 in Active Mode

Shade Level 3 in Light State

Three Variants for different fields of application

On demand of variuous professional welders: the weldcap® new with integriated bump cap according to EN812/A1.

The revolutionary optrel weldcap® RC 3/9-12, that combines the comfort of a baseball cap with the advantages of an automated welding helmet (ADF), is now available in a new extended version: the optrel weldcap® bump RCB 3/9-12.

Where at normal ADFs the head is only protected in parts, the weldcap® bump now offers a complete protection of the upper head part against painful strikes. Even more, the bump cap gives the weldcap an additional stability and a safety feeling like a full face helmet to the welder, without getting noticeably heavier.

The easy to remove textile part is made from washable and non-flammable material. You can buy it separately, which means you can turn any existing weldcap® into a weldcap® bump and vice-versa.

„With the weldcap® bump we extended the scope of application of the weldcap® measurably. With the bump cap it's also fitting welders’ needs about higher safety standards“.

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