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e670 Cosmic Green

e670: The ultimate in efficiency.

Automatical Shade Level Adjustment (detachable)

Shade Level Range 9 to 13

Adjustable from outside the helmet

Expendable with PAPR respiratory protection system

The modern welder needs protective equipment optimised for maximum performance and efficiency. In order to allow welders to work with as few interruptions as possible, welding machine manufacturers are increasingly adding remote control to their welding torches. But how does this affect the welder who needs to control his shade level? If the welder has to manually adapt his shade level, the process will be interrupted once more. If he leaves the shade level setting unchanged, comfort levels plummet – e670 is the perfect solution.

Unique sensor technology allows the darkening filter to automatically select the shade level and continually adapts this to the relevant application and arc intensity during welding. Fine adjustment also allows the welder to adapt the automatically selected shade level to his personal eyesight sensitivity. All of which means the welding process isn’t interrupted at all. Maximum efficiency and comfort are guaranteed.

Adjustable sensor slide eliminates the effects of ambient light distractions with configurable detection angles of 60°or 120°

Switch for shade level detection: Automatic/Manually

Variable shade level control from DIN 9-13

Grinding mode to prevent automatic darkening when grinding and brazing

Sensitivity control to adjust the sensors ability to detect the welding arc

Selectable opening delay to provide protection from the afterglow and to adapt to personal needs

Batteries CR2032, 2 pcs (back side)

Price:   USD 480.00