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e680 Medium Blue

e680: For outstanding performance day after day.

2 Shade Level Areas 5 to 9 and 9 to 13

Adjustable from outside the Helmet

Expendable with PAPR respiratory protection system

The optrel e680 helmet was designed especially for welding experts with varying job requirements and a need for an extensive range of individual adjustment options. It is the only helmet to allow the wearer to select between DIN 5 to DIN 13 shade levels and can be used with a very wide range of welding methods and amperages without any restrictions.

The true colour filter gives the welder a wider view of the weld object and all machine displays. Red LED’s on the welding machine can be read without the user having to remove his helmet. It’s not just in the areas of comfort and safety that the optrel e680 offers an unsurpassed level of perfection but in terms of its additional functions too.

Adjustable sensor slide eliminates the effects of ambient light distractions with configurable detection angles of 60°or 120°

Button to select shade level ranges: DIN 5-9 and DIN 9-13

Variable shade level control between DIN 5-9 or DIN 9-13

Grinding mode to prevent automatic darkening when grinding and brazing

Sensitivity control to adjust the sensors ability to detect the welding arc

Selectable opening delay to provide protection from the afterglow and to adapt to personal needs

Batteries CR2032, 2 pcs (back side)

Price:   USD 525.00