Your eyes: always protected properly

The shade level gives information about how strong the ADF is darkening on light impact. Depending on welding application and electricity level the proper shade level must be adjusted. Also the shade level depends on eyes and age of the welder. As the first vendor in the world optrel offers products which recognize AND adjust the correct shade level fully automatically. We call it the autopilot for fully automatical welding. Especially at welding tasks with changing Ampere levels its a big step in efficiency.

Watch the video about seamless shade level adjustment

Watch the video about fully automatical shade level adjustment

Outside Adjustment

All important functions at a fingertip

Shade level adjustment, grind mode or other features, which must be adjusted during welding processes, can be easily adapted from outside the helmet without putting it off. A central control unit, which is directly connected to the ADF, is placed on the left side of the helmet shell in reach of the welder.


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Sensitivity Adjustment

For maximum comfort

If several welders are working in a room or in close proximity to one another, sometimes the ADF responds too soon or not at all to the flash because the preset sensor sensitivity is not right for the working environment conditions. Continuously variable sensitivity control allows the sensor sensitivity to be adapted to the surroundings and workplace. This function can also be used if welding at low amperages and the ADF is not therefore darkening.

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Delay and Twilight Function

Delay Function at the end of the welding process

We all know how uncomfortable your eyes are when a material continues to glow after welding. If the helmet quickly switches from dark to light after a long period of welding, the welder can be briefly dazzled. The welder can use the delay function to delay the ADF from opening, thereby greatly improving operating comfort.

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Stay relaxed even on fast changings of light conditions

Groundbreaking technology prevents / reduces eye fatigue automatically. Unlike other ADF lenses that rapidly return to light, the optrel e684’s Twilight ADF Technology restores light more naturally, presenting a smooth transition to the eyes. This exclusive technology reduces eye fatigue on welders who are continuously welding, enabling them to work longer and safer.

Overhead Welding

Maximum protection and comfort

Thanks to the smoke- and particle-deflecting helmet shell design, the welding helmets of the experts line can also be used for over head welding applications. Welders throughout the world have made it their helmet of choice.

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True Color View

True Color Experience at Welding

A special UV-/IR-filter developed by optrel allows a color realistic perception and brings color to the world of the welder.

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Color scheme of a astandard welding ADF



Color scheme of an optrel ADF with true color view



Sensor Slide

Individual Adjustment of the Sensor Angle

An automatic welding helmet reacts possibly unintentionally to the welding arc of another welder nearby. optrel has the solution: by using the patented optrel sensor slide the sensor angle can be reduced from 120° to 60°. This prevents a reaction of the ADF to welding processes in the environment of the welder.


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Always near, even when you’re not welding

Even if an optrel helmet offers a maximum in comfort and not needs to be taken off on works like grinding or measuring, you will sooner or later want to take it off. Then the Parking-Buddy – an useful belt clip – is the ideal place for your welding helmet.

Hard Hat Adapter

Safety on a maximum level

optrel's new all-in-one system meets highest demands of the welders working in dangerous environments. Consisting of high quality industrial hard hat and a tricky adapting system for connecting a wide range of both active and passive welding helmets from optrel. Both welding helmet and hard hat of the all-in-one system offer maximum safety and comfort to the welders.


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