The project "Light for the world"

optrel presents eyesight back to 3000 people

The Vision

optrel donates light for the world

As a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment in the highest safety class, optrel AG assumes responsibility for the health of its customers and has been doing so for more than three decades - on a daily basis, millions of times all around the world.

Each optrel welding helmet is developed and manufactured in the headquarters in Wattwil, Switzerland and is ensured with permanent UV/IR protection and equipped with a UV/IR filter. 

Optrel‘s quality products help prevent sighted people from becoming blind from harmful rays.

Optrel now goes one step further and wants to help give blind people the chance to see again by working in close cooperation with the disability and development organization‘ Light for the World‘.

The total sales proceeds will be donated to the initiative „optrel donates light to the world“ and will enable 3,000 cataract surgeries.

The Design

Proving resistance in the fight against cataract.

The design competition, in which numerous agencies from Switzerland and abroad took part, was won by the engineering and design agency QUO AG from Glattpark in the canton of Zurich with its model.

The titanium look intends to represent the resistance that plays a major role in the fight against cataracts.

The fluorescent elements symbolize the sight that is returned to the affected person through an eye operation of light for the world.

3,000 eyesights

Light for the World is a world renowned organisation which seeks to prevent and treat avoidable blindness. Light for the World provides cataract operations, establishes hospitals, finances training for eye doctors and opticians, and aims to eradicate the infectious eye disease trachoma by 20

In 2016, Light for the World

  • Provided 52,015 cataract operations
  • Operated on 28,601 people to treat trachoma
  • Supplied glasses to 62,191 people
  • Treated 10,134,553 to prevent trachoma or river blindness

Give the gift of sight with us!


The Production

The winner is produced.

A jury consisting of optrel management staff and Executive Management and Light for the World Executive Management selected the winning design at the end of January 2018. The helmet has been produced in a special version limited to 200 helmets.


Limited edition for a good cause

The optrel panoramaxx in the light for the world Special Edition will be distributed exclusively by optrel. The helmet can be ordered as of now and is expected to be ready for delivery from July 2018. The Limited Edition is available from CHF 529.00 (EUR 449.00, USD 498.00 excl. VAT), whereby optrel pays for the shipping.

The entire proceeds of the sale will go entirely to the light for the world project!

By purchasing one of the Special Edition welding helmets, every one of those 200 welders protects his eyesight from blindness. In addition, he is giving fifteen people the chance to become cured by enabling them to have cataract surgery.


Take your pick and order your optrel light for the world panoramaxx now!

With the purchase you make a considerable contribution in the fight against cataracts.

The conclusion

With the sale of the 200th welding helmet the vision became reality and in October optrel was able to successfully complete the heart project with the handing over of the cheque to Licht für die Welt Organisation.

Optrel would like to thank all proud owners of a Light for the world welding helmet for their support in this valuable and important project.

In addition to direct help to those affected, optrel wants to demonstrate with this campaign that it is already possible to achieve great things with small means. We would be delighted if other people and companies would follow our example and make an important contribution to the fight against cataracts.

We thank all our supporters of LIGHT FOR THE WORLD.

The light savers

Raick Nathalie

David Stein

Sean Eagan

Landon Sanderson

Douglas Rumble

Martin Brunner

Tyler Marshall

Martin Mathias

Jesse Hartwig

Timo Grunwald

Björn Kemper

Adrian Baláž

Manuela Schmid

Fabian Wipf

Jonathan Kim

Stephan Van Hecke

Martin Matias


Sean Bayes

Elijah Villanueva

Rick Popp

Yasuo Hosoda

Alec Runnels

Hugo Sanchez

Sven Wehle

Shawn Hanford

Yosof Ghadwan

Anderson Thompson

Hans Wichman

Jeremy MacDonald

Michael Strader

Jason Lacelle

Mario Hartel

Robert Roper

We thank all our supporters of LIGHT FOR THE WORLD.