optrel donates light for the world

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Limited edition for a good cause

As a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment in the highest safety class, optrel AG assumes responsibility for the health of its customers and has been doing so for more than three decades - on a daily basis, millions of times all around the world.
Each optrel welding helmet is developed and manufactured in the headquarters in Wattwil, Switzerland and is ensured with permanent UV/IR protection and equipped with a UV/IR filter.  Optrel's quality products help prevent sighted people from becoming blind from harmful rays. Optrel now goes one step further and wants to help give blind people the chance to see again by working in close cooperation with the disability and development organization' Light for the World'. The total sales proceeds will be donated to the initiative "optrel donates light to the world" and will enable 3,000 cataract surgeries. Take your pick and order your optrel light for the world panoramaxx now!